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Donor Connection takes a streamlined approach to donor outreach. We target the donors most likely to match with our clients. Then we use powerful cloud-based predictive dialing to connect candidates with donors. And, lastly, we develop custom messaging and follow-up materials that will appeal to donors.


Speak with donors who match with your campaign.


Have more conversations with cloud-based predictive dial technology.


Approach donors with messaging that fosters a relationship.

Pioneering New Methods

Donor Connection was born out of a desire to make cold calling for campaign funds more effective. With the experience to know what inspires political donors and the technological background to implement targeted prospect development, Donor Connection added another level of efficiency by introducing the use of cloud-based predictive dialing. We have deep roots in Democratic political campaigns and are dedicated to opening up new streams of revenue for our clients.

We Work With Campaigns of All Sizes

The Perfect Plan

We have one goal: blaze a path to fundraising success for our clients. There are no high startup fees or contracts, just a simple monthly subscription plan tailored to fit the needs of any size campaign. We believe that candidates shouldn't have to jump through hoops to get the help they need.
Plans Start at $999

Plans Start at $999

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