Finding Yes

Campaigns must engage donors, but approaching donors randomly can waste time and resources. Donor Connection takes a streamlined approach to donor outreach. We target the donors most likely to match with our clients. Then we use powerful cloud-based predictive dialing to connect candidates with donors. And, lastly, we develop custom messaging and follow-up materials that will appeal to donors. We are campaign messaging professionals and data research experts, with a focused goal of unlocking fundraising success for our clients.


We employ a scientific method in donor prospecting. Donor Connection compiles all donor data and builds profiles based on donor giving habits. We search this database to select custom donor prospects that match with our clients.


We employ the most powerful cloud-based predictive dialing system to increase efficiency. With just a cell phone and a web browsing device, candidates can contact donors from wherever the campaign takes them. This efficiency means that our clients are not locked in a room, making one call at a time, but instead have the freedom to hit the campaign trail.


We have a passion for the candidate-donor relationship. Donor Connection believes that the best scripts foster a conversation. We use that principle to build custom scripts and pitch materials. Believing that the follow-through is just as important as the introduction, we arm candidates with professional and custom follow-up materials.